The Top Notch Business Cards Brisbane Types

There are a lot of varieties when we talk about business cards here in Brisbane and they are all available depending on your business needs. However, it’s important to really know the types which are suitable for you as well as your company. You should want a card that represents what you offer to your clients. You should also think about how professional your business cards should look like as well as the message that you want to convey to the people you’ll give it to. Here are the different types of business cards that you might want to consider before starting your design and contact printers Brisbane.


Standard – The standard business cards Brisbane has an exact measurement (around 3.5 x 2 inches). It’s the most basic which also has a standard price. Because the printing and cutting is quite easier, it’s mostly an affordable option for any kind of business. These mostly are professionally made and would bring out a dedicated, qualified and reliable impression to those would read it.

Rounded – These are variations of the standard type. Once they’re printed, a die cut would create round corners and change its shape. It would give a softer feel to your business cards here in Brisbane. It’s also has become a more popular option for printing. However, you should pay a little more for the rounded corners but surely; it will add more personality to your cards through printers Brisbane. So, before you submit it for printing, make sure to create a design that has a rounded edge.

Square – This is a fast growing popular variation in business cards printing Brisbane. They pose some kind of a unique take on the standard business card type. They are actually smaller than the normal ones but will definitely make your business cards different from others. It is fun to play around with in terms of design but it’s also quite challenging since you will have a limited room to include your information.

Die cut – These are the most unique business cards that you can ever have. If you pick this variation, you can choose from the standard ones or one of the die cuts that your printers Brisbane company already has. You can also create your own die-cut design where you can choose your design through any shape and they come in different prices as well depending on the complexity of your design. Be ready to pay more as these designs are mostly more expensive as compared to other types of business cards here in Brisbane.

Folded – These cards are ideal for companies that you may want to have more information to be placed in. It gives twice a space as compared to the standard sized cards. You’re free to put in whatever you want because of the ample space that’s given as it can also give a folded size to your design. What’s more about this is that you can still add a die cut on the fold to make it more unique. It will really make your business card stand out among others in the crowd.

There are other types of business cards that you can submit in printers Brisbane but these are already unique for themselves which can give you an edge over your competitions in the industry. Just look a top notch printing company here in Brisbane and you’ll have more.


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