Flyer Printing Brisbane – The History Of Print Advertising

Different types of print advertisement methods like flyer printing here in Brisbane continue to help in generating cash flow and revenue for any kind of business or industry. You can look for any business that has grown from a small scale one into an industry for decades and you’ll see that that they have started utilizing simple concepts of advertising. These methods have now evolved into something big. However, you have to realise that not all advertising methods work which is why understanding it is very much important.

There are companies that succeed using simple methods like flyer printing and brochure printing here in Brisbane while others fail. Let’s go back to history and see how things started.

Though there are a lot of market vendors in the early civilisation who are always on the marketplace shouting their services, it was until the development of printing press that printed advertisement became alive. Before, advertising was just a single line of copy that’s found in the newspaper and even listed the product, the price and short descriptions. Experts say that this particular form of printed advertising appeared in the late 17th century. As time went by, colours were added and as the technology improved graphics were also added and a few years later photographic images were included.

For around 200 years, print ads remain stagnant, a single line of copy or perhaps a small piece of block text that readers would mostly see in their local papers. This was all the same until a man named Thomas Barratt who married a family of the famous Pears Soap Empire made a decision to start a very aggressive form of advertising campaign to promote their product especially to the middle class who are already rising and had buying power.

At its start, Pears Soap had been sold to only small portion of the population, only to the elites who can afford the expensive, handcrafted and scented soap that was made for their skin type. Since the middle class now has the buying capability and Thomas knew that he had to reach these people to keep their business alive, he created a marketing strategy to reach these people.

They made some changes in their production lines and make the soap more affordable to any average consumer. Also, he developed a strong campaign to reach most people. Thomas became famous for his use of the children in Pears Soap ads and a lot of people still recognise it to this day. Because of his aggressive campaign as well as the use of printing ads, he has made known to be the father of modern advertising.

Now, in World War 2, the costs of advertising rose and the philosophy of creating a need was made known to many people. Different companies started to create these perceived needs. They have used all the strategies, most of which are tried and tested advertising methodologies were used together to get the attention of consumers.


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